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Meet Debra Mattie. Debra is President of The Safety Company, Inc.

Meet Hank Hedges, CSP. Hank is Vice President of The Safety Company, Inc.

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1We work to foster a stress-free learning experience for all our participants in every class.

2We ensure quality services, cost competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

3We always use the latest, most current material available for all courses and research.

4If you are looking for an answer, give us a call at 202-557-6869. We help our clients 24/7.

Our News

  • Thank You

    Thank you to the countless men and women who have served and continue to serve in our Armed Forces for their fearless and endless dedication.

  • This Month's Tip:

    Spring is here now and before you know it summer will be too. Both seasons can hold many surprises, be prepared.

    Do you know when Tornado season is in your area? Do you have a Severe Weather Plan? If you need help with your plan, give us a call 202-557-6869 or send us an email.

  • Changing Regulations:

    The new Administration is making Regulatory changes. Here's what you need to know and how it will affect your company.

    Take a look here: EPA.gov, OSHA.gov, HHS.gov, DoD.gov and pretty much any federal agency.

  • OSHA:

    As of this date we see changes to OSHA Regulations occurring due to the new Administration. We'll keep you posted. Check this site frequently for the latest information.

    Federal contracts:

    We are beginning to see an increase in more requirements to Federal Contracts. Some contracts are requiring Environmental Plans, Hazardous Waste Management Plans, Property Management Plans, VOC Management Plans, Severe Weather Plans, Quality Control Plans and Corporate Safety Manuals. Take a look at our services to see the plan requirements or if you need help.

    Safety Tips:

    Be cautious. We provide SSHOs on projects for construction contractors. This past year we have encountered three individuals who stated they had some type of safety certification.  After effective background checks were completed, we discovered the individuals did not have any certifications.  Safety is serious business. False safety credentials can be misleading and put your project and workers at risk.  Only deal with reputable sources when retaining safety professionals.

Some of Our On-Site SSHO Projects

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